Investigating A Waste Sample: Analysis, Treatment and Disposal

A laboratory based whole of subject 'Capstone' project which student carry out in teams. Multiple assessments cover lab performance, research skills, teamwork, communication in various modes and report writing.

This project constitutes a 6 credit point subject (1/8 annual load) and is designed to be a ‘Capstone’ subject. In teams, students investigate a complex waste sample for components of interest based on the team’s research of the material and its context. Teams or individual team members report at different times for different purposes. There are multiple assessments covering lab skills, research skills, teamwork, communication in various modes, report writing. Components of the assessments could easily be taken from the whole and utilised or adapted for use elsewhere.

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 Assessment summary, details about each assessment follow:






Laboratory performance


Individual: in-class observation and assessment of your actual laboratory practice, assessment of your laboratory notebook.


Individual contribution to team work.

This assessment item is a hurdle component, requiring a  minimum of 10/20 to pass the subject.


Individual, in four parts:

Individuals are assessed in lab for collaborative activities and practices that support their team members.

Regular contributions to online team discussion.

Online end of session peer and self-assessment of individual input to team communication and collaborative processes.

Individual students write two scaffolded self-reflection pieces on effective functioning in the team, one at beginning of session and one at end of week 13. Submitted to Moodle.


Week 4 Project Proposal


Team: Project proposal with introduction, methods and rationale; summary of planning to date; answers to set questions. Submitted via Moodle


Week 9 Results Summary


Individual: This is your individual table of results summarising all team data to date.


Major Report

This assessment item is a hurdle component, requiring a  minimum of 20/40 to pass the subject.


Individual: Written as a technical report, 30-40 pages.


Team Presentation


Ppt or other team presentation to class. Assessed on content, communication skills and team work.