Teaching Strategies

Topic Strategy Title Description
Moles Through Everyday Objects

You can use analogies to everyday objects and there are a variety of things you can use in that way, such as pebbles and peas to illustrate moles, because they have different masses. Certainly getting them to think about that and then to be comfortable in translating that into a whole lot of...

Link to Macroscopic Changes

Try demonstrating the reaction first, to show the macroscopic changes that occur, before introducing the equation. Copper in silver nitrate solution is a standard one. Explain it in terms of particles, the ions, atoms, show a video representation (for example from YouTube) of these changes, and...

Use Balanced Examples

Use examples, making sure all equations are balanced, even if it is organic chemistry.

Understand Concept Before Introducing Maths

A lot of the students are really weak in maths, so make sure they understand the concept before introducing any maths.

Link Calculations to Lab Experiemnts

In the lab you can get students to weigh out quantities and react them and then do calculations for the yield, so they’re applying it. That’s the way in which they come to terms with what they’re actually doing and the molar basis for that. It’s about representing what’s going on, on a molecular...