Reports and learning objects from past funded projects

This is a collection of reports and learning objects from projects that have been Federally funded in chemistry education over the past 20 years. Many of these projects have led to outputs that are still in use. For a few projects no information has been found. If you have something to contribute to this page, please send it to Madeleine Schultz.


Development and production of videos for microscale laboratory courses: Report

Interactive multimedia materials which develop student understanding of chemical equations: Report; 1996 Conference Report1998 Conference Report

Learning modules for computational chemistry over AARNET: 1998 Publication; 2003 Conference Proceedings Book chapter

Design of a pool of constructivist tasks for learning chemistry: 1995 Report; one of the tasks (coordination chemistry)

Interactive teaching & testing tutorials for first year chemistry (ChemCAL): 1995 Report1997 report



Instruments on Computers: Teaching Chemical Instruments through Interactive Simulations (no information found)



Development of microcomputer software which employs anaglyphic graphics to aid the perception of three-dimensional chemical structures (no information found)

The role of video conferencing in enhancing teaching/learning via a virtual faculty: 1999 Report; 1998 Publication; 1998 Conference Workshop

A model for the teaching of occupational health and safety and risk management within the science curriculum: 1997 Report; 1998 Report

Learning strategies and early intervention to enhance student learning in chemistry: 2001 Publication



Demonstration experiments in the lecture room environment: 1999 Report

CoChem - An innovative approach to interdisciplinary advanced chemistry teaching: 1999 Report



Australian Physical Chemistry Enhanced Laboratory Learning (APCELL): website

Use of structure recognition software in computer assisted learning and assessment of organic chemistry (no information found)

Improving teaching and learning in science laboratories: Linking education research to practice: Best practice exemplar2015 Publication



The Australian Chemistry Enhanced Laboratory Learning project (ACELL): website; 2007 Publication



A cross-disciplinary approach to language support for first year students in the science disciplines: 2008 Symposium Presentation; 2009 Conference Proceedings ; 2010 Conference Proceedings; 2010 Publication; Book



Developing leaders of change in the teaching of large university chemistry classes (ALIUS): 2010 Publication2012 Report



Advancing science by enhancing learning in the laboratory (ASELL): website; 2010 Conference presentation; 2011 Publication2012 Report

IS-IT Learning? Online Interdisciplinary Scenario-Inquiry Tasks for Active Learning in Large, First Year STEM Courses: 2011 Report; Interdisciplinary Task Booklet; 2014 Publication



Extending the science curriculum: teaching instrumental science at a distance in a global laboratory using a collaborative electronic laboratory notebook: website; Conference report2014 Report; 2014 Lecture; 2015 Publication



The Chemistry Discipline Network: website; 2012 Publication; 2017 Book chapter



Enhancing the secondary-tertiary transition in chemistry through formative assessment and self-regulated learning environments: 2015 Reportonline resources (ChemBytes); 2016 Book chapter



Supporting a new generation: development and transfer of pedagogical content knowledge in tertiary chemistry (this project): Website

Assessing the assessments: evidencing and benchmarking student learning outcomes in chemistry: 2016 Book chapter