About us

The Chemistry Discipline Network was funded by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council from 2011 - 2013. The network continues as a way to connect people with an interest in tertiary chemistry education.

The reasons for having a network of chemistry educators are:

  • To share our successes and frustrations in teaching chemistry to current students
  • To improve our teaching by building on ideas and strategies from one another
  • To develop a community of practice as a strong voice for chemistry teaching
  • To agree standards to present to TEQSA
  • To implement the Chemistry Threshold Learning Outcomes (TLOs)
  • To reduce the isolation of chemistry academics at smaller institutions

Outcomes and outputs of the Chemistry Discipline Network:

  • A snapshot mapping exercise in 2012:
    • What chemistry was being taught in Australia?
    • How was it being taught and assessed?
    • How did the teaching align with the TLOs?

Outcomes of the Chemistry Discipline Network Mapping Exercises”, James Mitchell Crow, Glennys O'Brien and Madeleine Schultz, International Journal of Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education, 2013, 21, 81-91.

  • An enthusiastic and committed group of chemistry educators, connecting in different ways to improve chemistry teaching and learning, at 39 institutions around Australia.

Chemistry Discipline Network: One Year on”, James Mitchell Crow, Glennys O'Brien and Madeleine Schultz, Australian Journal of Education in Chemistry, 2012, 72, 6-8. 

"The Australian Chemistry Discipline Network - a supportive community of practice in a hard science." Madeleine Schultz and Glennys O'Brien. In Implementing communities of practice in higher education - dreamers and schemers; McDonald, J., Cater-Steel, A., Eds.; Springer Nature: Singapore, 2017, pp 501-530.


Management Committee 2011 - 2013:

  • Dr Madeleine Schultz, Co-director
    Deakin University 
  • A/Prof Glennys O'Brien, Co-director
    University of Wollongong
  • Prof Mark Buntine
    Curtin University and Royal Australian Chemical Institute
  • A/Prof Gwen Lawrie
    University of Queensland
  • A/Prof Siggi Schmid
    University of Sydney
  • Dr Daniel Southam
    Curtin University
  • Prof Brian Yates
    University of Tasmania

To contact us, please email Dr Madeleine Schultz.