Resources for online teaching

Many people have generously offered to share resources that they are using for online teaching. 

Here are some resources developed and being used by ChemNet members. Please contact the person directly if you are interested in using these.

  • SCORM packages for Acids, Bases, and Buffers and Acid-base titrations - Elizabeth Yuriev (Monash University)
  • Recording keeping lab notebook exercise - Gwen Lawrie (UQ)
  • Bush medicine - Joanne Jamie (Macquarie)
  • Kitchen chemistry: One activity around intermolecular forces, solubility and colligative properties; one activity around acid-base chemistry, pH and gas laws - Madeleine Schultz (Deakin)
  • Chemistry observations at home - Vinuthaa Murthy (Charles Darwin University)

Here are some resources put together by colleagues overseas.